New UI for blivet-gui

I started working on blivet-gui more than a year ago. The UI was originally mostly inspired by GParted -- its UI and visualization of partitions is simple and easy to understand. Displaying devices and their relations this way works quite nice for "simple" storage configurations (e.g. only partitions or basic LVM setup) but it's really hard to understand (and to work with) for more "complex" storage configurations that involves RAIDs end encryption.

 Encrypted Thin LVM over RAID -- visualization nightmare

The new UI should eliminate this problem in a simple way -- instead of trying to display every "layer" of the storage (e.g. "luks→physical volume→volume group→logical volume" for an encrypted LVM), the new UI would "hide" them and display a "placeholder" representing the whole LVM (or any other "complex" device like RAID or Btrfs Volume) instead. There will be a special "view" for these devices allowing you to inspect both their physical and logical structure.

Visualization for selected disk would then look like this:

(Click to enlarge, image without annotations is available here.)

Selected disk (vda) has four partitions -- primary vda1, extended vda2, logical vda5 and another primary vda3 that is actually a LVM Physical Volume with the "fedora-lvm" LVM Volume Group.

Disks have only one "view" -- physical, displaying partitions. LVMs (and other "complex" devices) have two views -- logical displaying for example LVM Logical Volumes (for LVM) or Btrfs Subvolumes (for Btrfs Volumes) and physical view with LVM Physical Volumes/MDMembers/Btrfs partitions.

LVM Volume Group -- logical view


LVM Volume Group -- physical view

I look forward to your comments/ideas. If everything goes well, blivet-gui with this new UI should be available in late July.