blivet-gui is a new graphical tool for storage management. It uses blivet library (hence the very original name) and currently supports basic operations with disk partitions and LVMs.

If you'd like to test blivet-gui, there is a copr repository for Fedora 20, you can add it and install blivet-gui using:

su -c "dnf copr enable vtrefny/blivet-gui && dnf install blivet-gui"

Now just run blivet-gui as root using:

su -c "blivet-gui"

blivet-gui is still in early development stage but it shouldn't wipe out your data if you don't want to. You can also test all function safely without writing any changes to your disks -- like GParted, blivet-gui doesn't make changes immediately but records them and write them at once after you use the "Apply" function.

Currently implemented features include:

  • Visualisation of storage devices.
  • Creating, editing (resizing and formatting) and deleting of disk partitions.
  • Creating LVM2 Physical Volumes (including LUKS encryption), Volume Groups and Logical Volumes.
  • Special option to create kickstart file for Anaconda installer. (see below)

There are many more features "planned" -- advanced configuration of LVMs (Thin Provisioning, stripping, snapshots...), RAID and btrfs support etc. If you'd like to help, source code is awailable at GitHub. New ideas and bugreports are welcomed as well.

Special feature called "Kickstart Mode" allows you to ease Fedora installation using kickstart config file. blivet-gui allows you instead of writing changes to disks to save them in form of a config file that Anaconda installer can use to obtain information about targets for installation.

To use this feature start blivet-gui with -k or --kickstart option. Just select which disk(s) would you like to use during installation and after that just delete/edit/create new partitions or LVMs. Only difference from "standard" mode is possibility of choosing mountpoints for newly created partitions. "Apply" function in kickstart mode doesn't write anything on disks, it just creates a kickstart file.